AIBI HE is proud to award scholarships to its students every year. Through its scholarships, AIBI HE endeavours to reward achievement and recognise motivation to succeed. AIBI HE is also committed to providing support to students experiencing financial hardship and/or other educational disadvantages.

You can explore the scholarships offered by AIBI HE by speaking to one of our student recruitment team at

Terms and Conditions

Scholarships are limited and provided at AIBI Higher Education’s discretion for international students commencing in 2021. Scholarship recipients need to meet academic and English Language entry requirements. International students must maintain a full-time study load, 1 EFTSL over 12-month study period to maintain their scholarship. 

Scholarships are not applicable to repeat units. 

The scholarship discount is applied to tuition fee only. AIBI Higher Education scholarships are only applicable until the program end date as stated in the Letter of Offer. Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. 

Scholarships are offered based on the criteria outlined at the time of application and may be cancelled if students do not comply with the terms and conditions of enrolment. AIBI Higher Education may increase fees each calendar year and fees quoted in the Letter of Offer are an approximate only.